What's Your Vision:

What is the reality of the future that you want to create today?
  • Can you see it?
  • Touch it?
  • Feel it?
  • Hear it?
  • Even taste it?

The Assignment:

Create a 3 dimensional vision board that looks so 3 dimensional that you could walk right into that reality right through the board. Write a detailed description about your why. Why are you even doing your home based business in the first place? Get emotionally connected to your driving force.


1. Make sure to add YOUR NAME in the Caption Title.

2. The description should be a paragraph or two about your WHY. What is your driving force?

3. At the bottom of the description make sure to add YOUR PHONE NUMBER, Skype Address and Email.

4. The Vision Board must be posted on your facebook wall and in the BlackOps Underground Marketing Group.

5. You must mention BlackOps Underground Marketing in the Facebook Post in order to qualify to WIN.

6. Make sure to tag Darren Little & Ari Maccabi in the facebook post.

In the event that you miss any of these 6 qualifying rules EVEN IF you get the most votes, you will forfeit your prizes to the next qualified contender.

The Prize:

Winner with the most votes will receive $500 cash and a hour millionaire mentoring coaching session worth $1000. Sept 1st is entry cut-off and contest will run till Sept 7th, 2016 at midnight.