tatiana and camilo vision board
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Author: Tata giraldo
Title: tatiana and camilo vision board
Description: Hi everyone Tatiana Giraldo here I just wanted to show everone my boyfriend & I's VISION BOARD! We went back and forth whether or not we should do separate ones. But since we have so many goals together we decide to built one looking to our future as 1. Thank you so much for this opportunity Darren Little & Ari Maccabi! OUR WHY! The reason we’ve decided to embark on this journey with Black Ops Underground Marketing is to better our lives in everything sense of the word. 1. Live life on our own terms. 2. Not ever wake up to an alarm clock. 3. Never again answer to a “Boss”. 4. Travel the world & make money while we do it. 5. Help as many people as possible to achieve the same results we’re trying to achieve. 6. Enrich our lives with books, theater, plays, sports, trips, and shows. 7. Start building our brand. 8. Help family members out of debt, worry, and help them also achieve financial freedom. 9. Grow a family and make sure we’re present for everything moment of their lives. 10. – Get ourselves out of personal debt: Student loans, Car payments, Credit cards.
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