Shelley Tangaere
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Author: ShellzT
Title: Shelley Tangaere
Description: My driving force is my family and I want to be able to make choices. I need my family to know that anything is possible and I want them to be able to choose to live life without limitations and be happy. I want my children and grandchildren to have a can do attitude and to be bloody good people while doing it. I know that having loads of money is not the key to our happiness but there are things I want and they require the home I've dreamed about for years, and to create and design it just the way I want and need it to be to suit myself and family.

I want the freedom to travel with my husband, to expand both our horizons, and to feel confident that everything at home is fine, that we can be home at the drop of a hat if need be. I want to be able to fund stem cell research and spinal cord injury while keeping my son's body as healthy as we can so that he will be primed and ready for any breakthroughs. I want nice things too - cars, truck for my husband, nice furniture, lol... I have been asked about the handsome male on my board...he is a chef people and he will be doing all the cooking and nutrition in our house for as long as we need him. I'd like to have peace of mind with choices - I know I can do this.

Being part of The Black Ops Underground Marketing team has taught me that building relationships with others will make you more successful than your wildest dreams. I feel grateful to have mentors with integrity and to have joined, and, be working with a group of people who truly have a commitment to their true-selves.

Phone: 02102318796
Skype: ShellzT
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