Lynette Dixon
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Author: lynette
Title: Lynette Dixon
Description: My husband, children, parents are my biggest why.

All my life I have wanted to be happy &successful, a successful mother, a successful wife, a successful daughter and a successful entrepreneur.

At school I was one of the unpopular pupils that weren’t in the ‘group’, however the few friends I did have were genuine and friends I could trust. I wasn’t very educated and would say as a joke ‘I went to school to eat my lunch’ my grades weren’t the best but I stayed till I completed the 5 form and then left.

I got my first job in a small office and was looked after by the boss like a father would look after his daughter, he saw something in me that I didn’t even see, he believed I was capable and could do the job, that first job as a junior office girl, extended me to be promoted to becoming their export shipping manager. I now understand why I did so well and it was because someone believed in me enough me to take this young innocent girl to a strong woman that loved what I did and gave me the belief and confidence in myself to be able to achieve what was put in front of me.

Fast forward 20 years after children and creating opportunities working from home to help with expenses by doing my bit, I loved seeing how property gained value and thought that was the only way to actually make big money was in the property market, my dad was a builder and hubby & I with dads help built our first 3 houses. Then we decided to take the plunged and be ‘developers’ and buy do up, rebuild and sell.

We started this and brought various do ups with land and built new homes, my parents came on board we both mortgaged our homes as the costs were forever growing as we didn’t have a project manager or a business mentor to guide us. I was it, I felt that the experience we had with doing our own was enough. Then came the crash in 2008/9 we were caught and tried to hang on for another for 6 years robbing Peter to pay Paul, selling our home living in our last rental, had one of the rentals go to mortgagee sale, our companies went into liquation, when this happens it goes to print for all to see, it was awful, you are exposed to the world, then my husband had a breakdown December 2014 and decided we couldn’t carry on like this anymore. We are still paying for our parents mortgage (their home) who are in their 80s there is no way they could pay $3000pm on a pension so decided to restructure the house and make it so we could live there and we have a separate areas. It has turned out to be great, our children are successfully working towards a great future, we are here for my parents to give that support, now my big why is to be able to pay off their mortgage before they get much older so that burden is lifted and they don’t need to worry as it’s going to be ok.

I want to prove that I am successful as a wife, mother, daughterand most of all to myself and the mistakes and failures weren’t that, it was all a learning experience to allow us to move forward for the future to fly like an eagle and know that there is abundance, to lead the way proving to all it is true……. abundance is our birthright, look at me…… I proved it.

Lynette Dixon
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Skype: lynette.dixon1
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