Kim Solomon
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Author: Kimza
Title: Kim Solomon
Description: My Why comes from deep within to have watched my kids grow up while I worked trading time & sacrifice for income to just get by. My vision when I joined Exitus/Black Ops was to find a vehicle to set me free from the bondage of a job, create time freedom & financial prosperity. With a clear vision I now have a passion to thrive, create a life of financial abundance & time freedom, to enjoy time with my kids and grandkids. To give back to them, spend time with my mom who is not well, allow her to quit working & enjoy life. I will purchase my log cabin in WNC mountains & retire my soul mate, to travel & take my family on a Disney Cruise in April 2017. My mission is to give back to those that sacrificed so much for us-VETERANS, with free Haircuts from me & therapy dog programs, which can aide in their healing from PTSD, along with visiting nursing homes with therapy dogs to bring smiles and laughter to our senior citizens. I believe in my heart that this is what God intended as my mission which will become a reality from this business opportunity. I am grateful for the impeccable trainings that are helping us all grow into our leadership role. 828-803-0016 Skype:kim.solomon77
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