Dariusz R. Zimnoch - We build Dreams
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Author: D.R.Zimnoch
Title: Dariusz R. Zimnoch - We build Dreams
Description: Prior to Network & Digital Marketing I was like the rest of us trading my life / my time for income. The higher the position the more costly that was to my personal life & the time I had with my family. I personal had been very successful in Corporate Business and was in demand by Global Corporate companies having been “headhunted” from one company to the next. Yes the income kept increasing but my life fulfilment with what matters to me most was decreasing. To make things worse then came a devastating health report. Constant pressure, stress and a time-poor executive lifestyle had taken its toll on my body. But where to from here? Like many of us I did not know there was another way to earn a decent income. Climbing the corporate ladder was the only form of income & success that I knew existed, so my next step was to jump ships to another company with the promise of what appeared to be slightly better life balance. This I thought was a secure decision but how many of us have felt the painful sting when what is meant to be secure is suddenly pulled out from underneath us. My final corporate role ended in a rude shock. Three short years later this company decided to close the state office, due to down turn in mining, making me redundant. Desperately searching for a new job for many months, I had gone from always being in demand to now not able to find anything even close to what I was used to. Although what did appear as tragedy had in fact been my greatest blessing as I had to find another way. So began by journey with Network Marketing and Online Digital Marketing. +61-449-525-232 / Skype: dariuszaust / D.R.Zimnoch@gmail.com
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