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Author: LinRonald
Title: Lin Ronald
Description: What is the most valuable thing that you own? The answer is simple.

My morals, ethics and sense of responsibility to my family and friends! I have a huge responsibility to my 28 year old daughter who lives in New Zealand and is a successful lawyer. I need to be close to her because we are very closely bonded. After all she was born on my sailboat while we were cruising the world in 1988. We are bonded because she was bought up on my boat. Heres my why! In a second chance life in Central America I was lucky enough to have another daughter now 7 years old. She has no idea what my previous life was like, she has no conception of what its like to sail around the world. She has no idea what her bigger sister is like ( apart from a couple of skype calls) She does not even speak the same language as her sister and her mother and her are living in a very dangerous situation in Tela Honduras.

They were held up at gunpoint on a bus the other day and robbed of 200 lempiras ( $10) and a watch that was 7 years old. I am scared. I am also highly and irrevocably motivated to get them both the hell out of there and sail them as family accross the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia. To safety and a way way better future for my beautiful little girl and her mother.

Im tearing up as I write this.

At Large At Last, Lin Ronald

Skype: lin.ronald
Phone: Mexico + 521 987 105 1103
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