Scott Johns
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Author: Mallotti
Title: Scott Johns
Description: I used to believe that it was all about toys, possessions and being better than the last person. Now I know that is all just our ego. Life to me now is about the good feelings, living in peace and relaxed, without stress. A much simpler life and the toys are just a bonus that contribute to the good feelings that make you happy.

My why starts with being desperate to escape the feeling of being trapped, Escape from the misery of waking up every morning and having to continue working 80 hrs a week for an asshole boss that is incompetent and lazy that loads me with all his work, continuously completing tasks 3 levels above my pay rate while he takes all the credit.

My why is turning my fantasies and dreams into reality, buying a motor home and spending 12 months travelling around Australia with my wife and four daughters while working from my lap top. Being able to go anywhere, anytime visiting all the beautiful places around the country. Living a stress free, happy and content life where money isn’t an issue.

My why is home schooling my children and teaching them some real world skills. Sleeping under the stars by a warm camp fire, cooking marshmallows and reflecting on our days travel. I would blog about our adventures and show the world through my online network.

When we return from our Australian tour we purchase 100 acres of rolling green hills and build our dream home, with dams full of marron and views to die for. I will start a kangaroo sanctuary, rehabilitating orphaned joeys.

My why is to be financially free and live a happy, peaceful life where I can spend as much time as I want with my family. Dining my wife at sophisticated restaurants and treating her to everything she deserves.

My why is having the skills and knowledge to help others to realize what their why is and to achieve their own dreams. Running online marketing webinars and educating people how to be successful.

Phone: +61409688340
Skype: mallotti1
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