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Author: delila
Title: Delila Russell Vision Board
Description: My why is to have a empowered life as a leader so I can empower people from all over the world.

Networking and building a huge organization of like minded leaders on the same path of empowering others. Mentoring and coaching new people on the secrets to a successful life.

My why is being able to speak on stage and share my story of how I was able break free from my mental block of 3 years with the guidance of my mentor Darren Little. I suffered a tragic loss when my Dad was taken from us 3 years ago from cancer within a span of 3 weeks. I want to be able to speak out to other families that go through loss that you can move on with proper mentoring.

My why is not only help out my mom and children but to contribute in my local organizations and make a difference in the world. I eventually want to be able to live in a third world country to do missionary work. I did something similar for 2 years before I was married and it was the most rewarding work I have ever done. My why is being healthy because without health I won't have the stamina to really push myself mentally, emotionally and physically the challenges and obstacles that life throws at me. I want to be strong physically. I used to do body building and even though I'm close to 60 I feel confident I can do it again not professionally but for my health. I want to live for as long as I can.

My why is being able to replace my car that I purchased and paid for fully loaded top of the line in cash $28,000 back in 2005. I've put in a lot of miles on this beauty and she has taken me on many adventures, but it's time for an upgrade. I have my heart set on a Cadillac for comfort. Plus for fun I have always wanted to rebuild a 57 Chevy Bel Air from scratch so that will be my hobby.

My why is to be able to travel around the world stay at exotic resorts eat like the rich and fabulous and do all the things on my bucket list, even some skydiving and hang-gliding! I've crossed of some of these things on my list but there are many more adventures that I want to see and do before I go.

My why is to be in a happy and fulfilled relationship with a man that is strong that takes care of his body as his temple that has a champion mentally that will appreciate me, he will love me unconditionally and treat me like his queen the way I deserve to be treated. The same goes for him I will love him unconditionally and treat him like my king.

My why is to save $987,500 as a legacy for my grandchildren and put it in a trust for them so when they turn 30 they can start a business or purchase a home. I won't give it to them earlier because I believe by 30 they will have the wisdom to use the money wisely.

Delila Russell

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