Andrew Twelftree
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Author: drewyboy
Title: Andrew Twelftree
Description: 3D Vision Board Andrew Twelftree I used to believe that life was all about how many toys and possessions you have. You know beat the Jones..... .Ego. Ego ego.

Since connecting with my vision, life is about peace of mind, being relaxed, healthy and happy. Experiencing Life, Love, Locations, People and Culture. Toys are a bonus. My vision is to travel the world and experience life whilst inspiring people to take control of their own lives, live with purpose and chase their dreams. To instill passion and positivity to everybody around me leaving them feeling better having met me.

My ultimate hope is that that my vision reach's my children, who i have rare contact with, inspiring them to take on life with direction and at full throttle. To achieve that, would fill my heart. I have had some experience in network marketing but no real success to speak of. I was pitching and selling, hitting facebook friends up, getting ignored messages and defensive responses. Yes I sponsored some people, but never got any real duplication. What was I doing wrong? This industry is about people, not products or systems, compensation plans, features or benefits.

Don't talk about the company or the products..... Talk about them. Once the penny drops, your life will change forever. Have you noticed that just putting your link out there works less and less these days? It's because there is no connection. People do business with people they know like and trust. Just speak to people and be a real person. This is a relationship or friends for life business. You don't need all the bells and whistles. Blogs, youtube, twitter, instagram, auto responders, lead capture pages, funnels......... Don't get me wrong, they are awesome for branding down the road, but absolutely NOT necessary to start seeing success. They detract time away from what really matters, talking with people.

We implement a secret strategy using facebook alone, that anyone - even a newbie - can utilize to get a constant stream of qualified people to talk to. My purpose now is to help you avoid the struggles i had to go through, missing the children growing up, spending time with your loved ones, long commutes and the stress of a job. I love being able to work from home and help others to do the same. I invite you to connect with me personally. Send me a message or contact request saying ---Help me Find My Vision--- and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you would like to achieve. I help a lot of people so please be patient.

Thanks to BlackOps Underground Marketing and mentorship of Darren Little & Ari Maccabi for helping me connect to my vision and realize what this industry is all about with the awesome training available to our team.

Skype: drewyby
Phone: +1 321 200 0103
Phone: +61 8 7200 6606
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