Josh Henggeler
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Author: jdhenggeler
Title: Josh Henggeler
Description: My WHY is grounded in the basic need of financial security for my family. We have lived for years in a world of debt, borrowing a little more each month to get by. Basic childhood experiences, like swimming lessons, have been sacrificed in order to keep it from getting worse. But, it keeps building until nearly all opportunities to borrow are nearly gone, the family has become stressed and unhappy, and we live in constant worry about how to handle the next month, let alone the next catastrophe.

My WHY is to build a foundation for my family where we no longer have to worry. A world where every meal is fresh and healthy, not a high-sodium boxed dinner; a world where basic childhood experiences are a given; a world where we focus on YES rather than WE CAN’T. I will build a world where I can give my children the experiences I never had.

My WHY is to challenge myself; to constantly grow, improve, and learn. My ego is rooted in a persona of social anxiety and awkwardness. I challenge myself to let go of that ego and overcome these anxieties and fears to find a better me, which will then allow me to help others do the same. I challenge myself to set an example for my children, writing a story that proves you can overcome and be what you want.

My WHY is to achieve freedom. I once read an article of a researcher who lives by his own rhythm: he sleeps when he is tired and wakes when he is rested. He no longer uses alarms and is rarely concerned about the time or schedules. Ever since, I have longed for that life, with freedom to sleep and wake as my body requests, to come and go as I please, and to work when I see fit. Freedom means a life where my time is mine to allocate, and I can devote more to friends and family.

My WHY is to have fun and experience life. I will always choose a manual transmission over an automatic, because I wish to be connected to the experience. We will travel more to experience the world and expose our children to more cultures. I will drive fast cars and play more games. I will golf the most beautiful courses, and hike to the most scenic views. I will be a source of fun for others, hosting game nights for friends and family, and traveling to see friends who have moved away.

Josh Henggeler

Phone: 573-819-8740
Skype: josh_6013
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