Tina Barnett
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Author: tinabarnett
Title: Tina Barnett
Description: Someone asked me one time what my WHY was for trying to succeed in an online home based business, and naturally, my answer was...to have a better life for me and my family..to have the freedom to make money at home, to spend valuable time with my family, to travel, a new house, a new car, etc... But I have found out through the years of struggle that my WHY actually goes deeper than that.

See, when I was first asked that, I wasn't digging deep enough to really understand exactly what my WHY actually meant. Of course I want to have a better life for me and my family...that is my dream and my passion that drives me to do what I do...but this is what I discovered about myself when I did some serious soul searching....Why did I want a better life for me and my family?

So that they wouldn't have the financial struggle of making ends meet and to have the things they have always wanted and needed. Because I know what it feels like to struggle and I didn't want them to have to go through all the blood, sweat, and tears just to survive. It is a deep pain that I feel in my heart to not be able to help my family when they need help.

So when I dug a little deeper into that question, what it really comes down to is my WHY includes me as much or maybe even more than my family. It is a feeling of accomplishment self worth, and self gratifying to be able to give...it is a feeling of being successful and confident in knowing that I have not done everything I could do in vain, but that what I do is making a difference not only in my family's lives, but in my own as well..I have never been a materialistic person...I seek something other than that...and that is..my purpose in this life..and that is to give unconditionally, without the financial stress that comes with it.

And to have the freedom that allows a better quality of life without the stress, the worries, and the heartaches that come with just... getting by. But now, I am seeing my dreams starting to unfold into reality for the first time since I started my marketing career! And I am forever grateful to my 2 mentors that are paving the way!

Ari Maccabi and Darren Little, has provided superb leadership and all the training ever needed with the Black Ops Underground Marketing Strategies. This is for anyone who is willing to change their life and fulfill their dreams. I have found my home with these 2 leaders and the awesome team that I am involved with..and now I wake up every day knowing that I will succeed! It is now not a matter of whether I will succeed, but a matter of when!

We all have a choice in life to take the bull by the horns, or to just keep sitting on that fence hoping things will change...you have a choice..make the wise choice and connect with us. Just drop your ego and your pride and say I AM READY! So many already have, and have never looked back..

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Email: tinalb1959@gmail.com
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