Mikenzi Hebel Vision Board
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Author: mhebel
Title: Mikenzi Hebel Vision Board
Description: I created this board last night, looking through magazine after magazine with my 10 year old daughter.

My WHY and driving force for wanting this business to be successful has everything to do with my family and what I can provide for them...including time. It has everything to do with what I can bring to this world, feel proud of, and be able to contribute to others. I want to be able to be of service and help other people reach their goals. I look forward to a future with more quality time with my kids, the ability to go on adventures, be able to pay for sporting activities and music lessons without having to cringe every time I write the check, to be able to go shopping at the grocery store and buy my kids the healthy food instead of the cheap processed stuff, to get a new reliable vehicle, finish the renovations on our home, go on vacations and be able to relax once in a while, be able to do more family activities, be able to get the fun house decor and clothes that I always have had to say no to before.

My parents always worked so hard their whole lives. My mom passed away at 48 because of the stress of her job and life over time it just wore her down. She didn't have the time to take care of herself. She was stressed about bills constantly. I know she loved me and my siblings immensely, but I wish more than anything I could have had more time with her. Not more money, but more time. Unfortunately, usually you need more money to give yourself the freedom of more time.

I don't want to have my kids go through that. I don't want them to lose a parent while still young and trying to figure life out. I want to be there for them in every way I can- mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. God willing. I want to be able to teach them things and watch them grow. I get teary eyed just thinking about all the things that I wish I could ask my mom that I can't ask or when I think about the fact that she didn't see me graduate high school, get married, or see the birth of my chidren. That's what this business means to me. It means being able to LIVE. Give my family a solid foundation to grow, and to be able to take as much stress away as possible.

Yes...it means being able to LIVE.

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