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Author: lidiadjingga
Title: Lidia Djingga
Description: What's your VISION?

Vision seems like a very big word to me. My goal in life is to do things that make me smile, laugh and forget the time. In the past, I have never thought of what my vision or purpose in life is. I went through school like everybody else; finished my bachelor’s degree in teacher training, started teaching in a school and thought I would be a teacher for the rest of my life. I enjoyed teaching and I absolutely loved the interactions with the students in class. However, I couldn’t help noticed how lifeless the children were and that our school system failed them.

When my son turned 2, I had friends asking me if I had plans to put him in early learning programs so he would be ahead of others when he entered primary education. From then on, our conversations always revolved around what programs were good, which were more efficient etc. That got me started thinking. I do not want my son to live the life I want him to live. I want him to take control of his own learning and take charge of his own life. I want him to grow up being a responsible person and most importantly – be happy and loving.

Eventually when he turned 6, I left my job and we backpacked around South East Asia. Incidentally a friend we met during travelling shared the unschooling philosophy with us. For an unschooler, life is his classroom. That resonated with me so he never went to school.

My current goal and why, therefore revolves around my son. I want to be a good example to him.

How much money do you want to make per month?

But when reality kicked in and bank account depleting, I had to start thinking of what to do. I went online and started taking courses and made some income enough to survive our travel. We finally decided to live in Thailand because we both love it here and that the living expenses are low is a bonus.

My husband joined us in Thailand this year. He feels very insecure not having a job. So we recently ventured into network marketing.

I want to earn $10k a month. With the money, I can provide enough for my parents and have excess to do things that I like.

How will your life change once you have it? What difference do you plan to make in the world? In your local community? What world causes do you plan to get behind?

My son and I are vegan and we hope to have our own organic farm one day (There you go, I found my vision!).

There was a flood 5 days ago in the province I stay. Many locals lost their homes and farmers lost their crops. I want to be able to help them with the extra money I have.

Lidia Djingga

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