Christine Desmond
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Author: indigochrissy
Title: Christine Desmond
Description: My vision is to live a life of total financial freedom, to be able to spend time with the ones I love… and to travel and experience the world. My life is full of adventure, visiting places and friends around the world. I visit exotic destinations, via cruise ship, private helicopter, or driving through the outback of Australia to see some of the most remote places in the world. Meanwhile we are enjoying collecting a wide variety of classic and modern cars, housing them in our amazing ‘man cave’ made specifically to the requirements of my husband.

We have just finished our house that we built in Villeneuve, overlooking the wonderful Lake Somerset… We often sit around our pool, with children and grandchildren laughing and playing, as they enjoy their holiday with us. We are also thrilled to be supporting charities, giving away 10% of our income to the education and basic survival needs of children around the world and within our own community. This sense of being able to make a difference to a person’s life is what gives me the greatest joy in life… I have finally built a legacy that will impact on the ones I love, and will make the world a slightly better place.

Christine Desmond

Phone: (AU) +61 438 014 369
Skype: indigochrissy
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