FOCUS- Tunnel Vision
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Author: alrab
Title: FOCUS- Tunnel Vision
Description: Journey of a millionaire mind is through the tunnel. At the end of which is always light.The light is faint at first but as you go nearer and nearer it gets brighter and brighter and brighter . There ain't no final destination, because the end of one journey is the start of the next , so stay hungry stay stupid so to say be ready to scale up the next peak, take up the next journey its all about the person who grows inside you , at the end of each journey you're a brand new grown up person . Money gets attracted to the equilibrium , today my equilibrium is $20K a month , tomorrow it will be $ 30K then $ 50K then $100 K. This whole universe is a dynamic system ever expanding, forever evolving, same thing with the human race, the human mind, has an eternal touch. With wealth comes greater responsibilities. Some of these which i would want to touch upon here is the need for preserving our climate and reducing the carbon footprint, for that my venture is towards building Green offices and schools, Educating the young minds to be more emphatically literate, and environmentally aware. Live not for self alone: To remain being adventurous, traveler, holidays with friends and family and chill , just chill.Be focused and consistent, recharge and get going !
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