Leah McIntosh
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Author: LeahMcintosh
Title: Leah McIntosh
Description: My why is to create a life of freedom for not only my family but also for other families as well. I want to step into my power and assist 100 people transform their lives and unleash an unfathomable amount of abundance and create leaders.

My why is to be able to stay home and teach my future kids how to create their own destiny and mold them into god fearing productive adults and lead by example that it is okay to be yourself. I want my children to have experiences that I was not afforded growing up and I want them to be servant leaders from the beginning so they do not have to learn later in live.

My why is to continue my work with the two young men that I’m fortunate to support and keep providing them a life filled with possibilities and adventures that they would not have an opportunity to experience otherwise. I would also like to open up another group home and offer supports to more individuals with intellectual disabilities.

My why is to travel when I want, how I want, and with whomever I want. I want to go places I’ve never even imagined going, I want to try foods from different cultures. I want to learn about different cultures from actual experiences and not just reading or being told about it.

My why is to be financially free, pay of our home, purchase my husband’s dream car a Cadillac Escalade, and retire him in 2 years by his 35th birthday so we can start enjoying our life on our terms.

My why is to continue my journey of empowerment and be able to share my story on stage in front of thousands of people to inspire change and create breakthroughs.

Leah McIntosh

Phone: 804.295.8711
Skype: LeahMcintosh
Email: leah@prosperouspro.com
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