Mary Bridges
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Author: MaryBridges
Title: Mary Bridges
Description: My Why is to retire my husband (Greg) from his corporate JOB, to be financially and debt free! To travel the world in business class. To take our family and their partners and children on at least one annual trip. Following is what that looks like for me.

As I recline back in my business class seat sipping my Moet champagne, I can smell our meals being prepared. All the while Greg is sitting up comfortably beside me listening to his favourite relaxing music with his head set on. I can smell the leather seat as I turn my head to the left across the aisle, listening to Katrina as she tells me how excited she is that we are about to spend two weeks in South Africa. She can't wait until we head out on our 5-night safari sleeping in luxury tents and listening to the roar of the king of the jungle at night. Then Patrick starts shit stirring her,as he does.As their banter goes back and forth then of course the whole family gets in on it! We have taken up two rows across, so business class is filled with laughter. The emotion I feel inside is of complete joy and happiness, nothing will ever take this amazing moment and memory away from our hearts. It will live with us forever.

I have accomplished my goal, but it has become much more than that along the way. My children and the people around me see me as much more than a good wife and mother. They see me as a confident, strong, inspiring women who through doing what I love to do touch's people’s lives in a way that changes them forever. They will move forward in their life and create a vision that will impact the people around them and in turn if in only a small way... is changing the world for the better.

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