Gina Elizabeth - My Reasons, my WHY!
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Author: Gina Elizabeth
Title: Gina Elizabeth - My Reasons, my WHY!
Description: Oh where to start... so many whys.. To clear the debt that I accumulated through a bad business that had to run its course because I couldn't escape it. Bricks and mortar businesses are expensive to set up, maintain and run and when the go sour, not so easy to walk away from. To own my home again, removing the doubt of where we'll have to move to next when the tenancy agreement comes up.. even though I would like to have a more flexible lifestyle when my children have grown, I still want somewhere for us to return to and for my children to have stability.

Having worked for myself for the past 8 years and having been very ambitious beforehand, to return to working for someone else and build their dreams would destroy my soul, I cannot let that happen. To be able to look after my mum and return the love and care she showed me as she ages and to be able to give her more of my time would fill me with pleasure.

To help others reach their own goals and achieve what they want from life is something I have, without really paying attention to it, done throughout my time as an employer and entrepreneur. To be able to nurture others strengths and grow their weaknesses is extremely rewarding. I am giver not a taker. To be able to do this in another capacity will bring me great happiness. But most of all, I think the biggest one is to prove to myself that I can pick myself up and start again.

To show all those that told me I never could... that I can and I did, not once but again and again until I got it right - I am a fighter. To restore my own self belief and confidence to the full and feel it is true, not just a faking of it until I make it. To accomplish this will bring about inner peace And the ultimate why, because if you can Darren Little and Ari Macabbi, I can too.

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