Nancy Loehr
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Author: nancyloehr
Title: Nancy Loehr
Description: My WHY is for the things that are more experiential than tangible.

To be able to have the freedom to travel, to roam, to see and experience different cultures, countries, lifestyles, and beliefs. If I could do a year duplicating what Elizabeth Gilbert did in her book/movie Eat Pray Love I would.

I love to be able to earn money easily and effortlessly paying what ever bills come my way that day. As I put together my vision board my WHY came into my experience clearer and clearer with each page that caught my interest and as I ripped it out of the magazine. Travel to places like Spain, England, Italy, Bali, India, Thailand, Russia, China, and others are what are on my short list. To have tiny homes in Bali, Italy, and of course where I currently live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan because it is so beautiful in the summer.

My burning desire is to inspire women to create a legacy of passion, purpose and profit by helping them realize their purpose and creating a life of freedom working from their laptop. I have a love for animals and love to help at the local animal shelters.

Living a life guided by experiences rather than tangible items inspires me. I do not with to own things as much as I look forward to living the lifestyle that is represented in my vision board.

Keeping fit, eating healthy, reading good books, personal development, attending events, gardening, kayaking, drinking good wine, listening to music, driving a cool vintage car and sharing all of these things with my family and friends while living a life of freedom from worry about money is the lifestyle I am destined to live.

Oh - and I definitely want to take that European Viking River Cruise sometime soon!

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