Mike Hansen
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Author: Mike Hansen
Title: Mike Hansen
Description: Why am I willing to surrender my pride and my ego? Because I want to prove to myself once and for all that I am worthy of success. I have been struggling and getting through life just like millions of other people in the world of mediocrity when I know damn well that I can do and be better. I want to be able to look into the mirror and say I DID IT!!!

I have been married to the most awesome woman I can think of for almost 21 years now, together we have an amazing daughter. For as much as I want to be financially free for myself, I also want it for my family. I want my wife to have the option to quit her job if she likes and do whatever the hell she wants to do. My daughter is crazy about horses and loves equestrian riding. There’s a reason they call it the sport of kings…it’s expensive!! I want to be able to provide her with all the things needed to excel in that sport, which includes owning horses and a property to keep them on. I want her to be all that she can be.

I want our family to be able to say HEY, LET’S FLY TO ________ AND TAKE A LITTLE VACATION and not have to worry about how much it’s going to cost. I want to be able to walk in to any car dealership I want and buy whatever the hell I want and pay with cash. I don’t want to worry about having to borrow off a line of credit to invest in to something I want to do business wise. I want our mortgage to disappear instead of having to re-finance just to pay off debt.

I want to be financially free so that I never ever ever EVER have to work for someone else again. The thought of having to put together a resume to look for a job and then going through the dog and pony show interview makes my stomach turn. To play the corporate game and climb the ladder, hating my boss cuz’ they’ve been promoted beyond their level of competency, fighting traffic to and from work, having to do things on other people’s schedules is like a life sentence to me.

Having financial freedom gives us, as a family, choices. I have always wanted a log home on a lake where we can go chill out. We can invite our friends and family to stay with us, play in the water, go fishing, waterskiing and just plain hang out. I would love to be able to make that available to my friends and family even if we’re not there. Getting rid of the lack of money and having plenty in the bank would be such a huge stress relief. Money is not a bad word, it will make our lives a lot more comfortable and give us a lot more options and the FREEDOM we are looking for.

Mike Hansen

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