Jake Blickenstaff's 3D Vision Board of Badassery
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Author: jblick519
Title: Jake Blickenstaff's 3D Vision Board of Badassery
Description: My vision is to make $20,000 a month, allowing me to quit my full time job as a Power Plant Electrician, which I've been doing for 10 years. I truly enjoy my job but it takes away time I could be spending with my wife and daughter. My job also doesn't allow me to have the kind of financial freedom that coincides with my vision.

Material possessions aren't the key to happiness but they sure do make for a good time! There's only one thing in life that you can't get more of - that's time. I am traveling the world with my family, living in each moment and making unforgettable memories. We are visiting new, exotic places and experiencing all the different cultures the world has to offer; starting with a month long trip in Australia, then the next 3 months traveling through Europe.

Once we return state side, we will build our house in the North Georgia mountains, all while being able to work from my computer no matter the location. Since my wife is an AVID animal lover, we will build an animal rescue on our property to cover everything from horses to dogs. She will also get to travel around the world to visit different elephant sanctuaries to assist with their rehabilitation.

Since we will be financially free to do everything mentioned above we will give back to our local community, by helping the orphaned children in the area. There is a non-profit facility that we donate to every year. They house children that don't have parents or have been removed from their parents custody. The state provides them with clothes, food and a place to live. Our donations go toward their extra activities, such as field trips, games or anything else kids deserve to have. I will also be setting up an Youth Entrepreneur program that teaches them business skills.

Thank you to Black Ops Underground Marketing and the mentorship of Darren Little and Ari Maccabi for your guidance. I have been able to find my vision, connect with new people, and develop my leadership skills while assisting others on their path to financial freedom.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/jake.blickenstaff
Skype: jake.blickenstaff
Phone: +1 816 730 1120
Email: blickenstaffenterprises@gmail.com
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