Rosetta Trovatello 3D Vision Board
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Author: Rosetta
Title: Rosetta Trovatello 3D Vision Board
Description: I have spent the last 23 years in a relationship that has left me a huge debt as well as stripping me of my self- confidence and self- worth.

As a result I have had to go back to full time work as a Nanny, which I love as children are my passion but it’s a total commitment and can get exhausting.

Creating my vision board has given me a new found confidence and belief in myself that I had lost along the way.

Thanks to my laptop lifestyle

I WILL BE debt free in the next 5 years.

I am now financially free and able to fulfil my dream to travel the world with my family experiencing many different countries and cultures and bring about positive change wherever we travel.

I am now financially free to be able to support my church and local community by giving back, my church helped me in my time of need and now I can give back.

I am now able to give to causes that I believe in and that are dear to my heart.

I am now able to sponsor more children locally and overseas, I have 3 at the moment I would like to sponsor 10.

I am now able to leave a legacy to my children and grand-children.

I believe I am a great motivator and my desire is to encourage, inspire and motivate people so that they can be empowered and be the best they can be.

My sincerest thanks go out to Darren and Ari, in creating this amazing company whereby with their training and guidance I have a newfound confidence and I truly see myself as the person I am meant to be. Strong, Independent. Empowered.


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