Shaun Ferns
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Author: shaunferns1
Title: Shaun Ferns
Description: In the past I wanted all the material things like the latest phones and the latest of everything however I have come to realize that those things dont matter, helping people achieve there goals and adding value to there lives is more rewarding in the long run.

For me my reason for doing this and pushing myself all day to become a success for my family you see my wife she is everything to me and when I see her come home from work in tears becasue she is depressed about the financial situation it really breaks my heart and kills me inside, so I push really hard to one day tell her that she can leave work and focus on what makes her happy and that will make me the happiest man in the world.

I also would like to travel with her to country's like japan and china for the cherry blossom viewing festival as well as experiencing the culture there. I want to not worry about money and be able to do all these things with my wife and then settle down and be able to afford to start a family and have 2 beautiful children to share in our dream.

Phone: +27835571429
Skype: shaunferns123
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