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Author: EvangeBayley
Title: EvangeBayley
Description: My WHY is mostly about my husband and my children. Can you imagine working for the same employer for 52 years?? My husband has worked for the same employer for the last 29 years, he will be required by law to work until he is 70, that's another 23 years away! I want my husband to never again have to get up to drive to work for a 9-5 J.O.B. We have a 4 year plan. I want him to find what he is passionate about and go out and discover what he likes to do without having to worry that we are not in a financial position to do it.

It took many years of struggle, but we are so blessed and forever grateful to have our children in our lives. I don't want my children to ever go without. I am the person that will give you their last dollar if it was to help put food on your table, or a roof over your head. In December 2014 a FRIEND borrowed my last $600 so they could pay the bond/month in advance for a new rental property. I was fortunate enough that I had already purchased our other family members Christmas presents, but was left short and did not have enough money to buy FUN presents for my children and nothing much for my husband. For the children I actually wrapped a few of the previous years, books, videos, stuffed toys that they had not played with so they had something to unwrap on Christmas Day. My children never knew the difference, but I did and I vowed that it was never going to happen again.

My passion is to travel the world with my family. I would love us to experience different cultures, see new places and learn new things. I want to be able to travel without having to worry about where the money is coming from to pay for everything. I love the sea and would love a big beach front property with my favourite car parked in the front. I would love to be able to take people through their own growth journey of success, time and financial freedom.

I am so thankful for my mentors Ari Maccabi and Darren Little from Black Ops Underground Marketing, for introducing me to the world of personal development. I was struggling for the last 2 years online, with not knowing exactly how to market online. Now I know I have the right tools to steam ahead and achieve everything that I desire.

Skype: evangelia.bayley
Phone: 614 3677 221
Paypal: evange75@outlook.com
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