Elijah Riess
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Author: thecollector
Title: Elijah Riess
Description: My Vision is voyage... a journey... with many destinations. It begins with my travels to Dubai. I have heard so many wonderful stories of base jumping, cliff diving, clubs, food and you name it! I once met a beautiful woman from Kuwait. Her name was Noor. It was one of those moments. She told me to find her in Dubai when I decided to come and she would show me a paradise some call the modern day Eden. I'm a Cancer. Born in July under the guidance of the Moon. The Pistolas on my board are a collector's item. They are actually made from a meteorite that slammed into the Moon. It reminds me to stay humble and remember that we are but a small piece of a much larger moving body of energy. The different landscapes on my journey represent several continents I want to explore. Europe, Australia, Africa, and South America. I believe it's my divine right and that we are all citizens of the Globe. We are all human and only seperated my imaginary lines we call borders and social prejudice that I hope to help quell in my journey of this life. Im a man. And what man doesnt want fast cars! The McLaren and Ferrari are top of the line. It's a $25,000 security deposit just to test drive one! The Bentley is my daily driver too and from the airport. The Land Rover Range Rover Sport.. now thats my baby. That's the family car for me, my daughter, my son, and our French Bulldog named 'Murda' (because he's murda balck) Having a luxury black credit card...the ones made of metal.. is a symbol of financial freedom. To be 'in the black' in business. The gorgeous woman.. a symbol of my Queen and how sexy and fierce she is. My business partner, my soulmate, my Queen. The corner in the bottom left is our romantic getaway which we do frequently to discuss our Kingdom our connection with God, and to allow us time to discren that we are going in a direction thats about people and not just our own selfish wants and needs. To allow us to recalibrate and execute. Our home is right above that along with our Date Night car.. the Ferrari Spyder. The Gold Skull is something that I saw in a Dream only days before I made this vision board. In the dream golden skulls were dropped at my feet along with different types of diamonds and gold jewelry. I knew it was a sign of fortune for me and to really become a Visionaire. The man in the middle is my ultimate self. Stoic, proud, driven, confident. From his style of dress his beard and his poise ... and the bike...a symbol of the masculine energy that connects him to everyone ... the energy that others feel when he walks into a room. This is my Vision. It starts with building an amazing like minded Black Ops Team.
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