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Author: Hana Azmi
Title: Hana Azmi
Description: Yes! I finally completed my 3D vision board. Travelling is a big passion of mine so this vision board is solely dedicated for my travel and adventures.

WHY am I doing this? I AM doing this because:-
• I want to travel to all seven continents of Mother Earth (4 more to go).
• To achieve my goal of 40 countries by 40 years old (22 countries to go).
• I want to be able to travel First Class every single time.
• I would love to do volunteering work around the world without having to think about time and money.
• I would love to build education centres for under privileged kids in 3rd world countries.
• I would love to start up some sort of Micro Financing for people in 3rd world countries so they can have an opportunity to start their own small businesses and make a living for their families.
• So I can travel anytime, for any duration without needing to apply for annual leave 3-5 times a year and pissing off the Boss! (So, be my own boss-YAY!)
• Bring my family and loved ones on surprise holidays!!!
• Be able to live in different countries 3 months at a time.
• To buy a boat house on the canals of Amsterdam. (I thought that would be pretty cool).
• To buy properties in Italy, Spain and South of France. I will finish off with this quote:

If you like my 3D vision board and my WHY, then don't forget to vote 🙂

Thank you

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