Samantha Houghton
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Author: sammyju
Title: Samantha Houghton
Description: My why, my vision, is what I have had within me ever since I was a young girl. It carried me through my darkest times, when I struggled to see light but I always had this dream. It is full of hope and joy, of ultimately living a life of freedom and happiness.

I am very excited by the vision of living a life of travel, to visit cities, and other far flung destinations that I have never experienced. To do this in style, in luxury hotels, to be surrounded by the beauty of the natural world we live in and also the hustle and bustle of exciting cities around the world. I visualise this glamorous lifestyle, with me adorned in beautiful clothes, in expensive jewellery in opulent colours, wearing high end cosmetics and perfume with an abundance of cash to spend of whatever I choose.

I'd like to travel with friends and family also, to share the experiences. Also to enjoy luxuries of visiting spa havens, to go shopping freely, eat luxury foods and drink beautiful wines. To have the ultimate freedom to do this whilst working from my laptop, wherever that allows me to roam freely as I choose. I would also like to have time to write, my book and letters to people I love. I'd like to feel the sunshine most days and sit in its glory, feeling the warmth on my skin, giving me a golden glow all year round.

My days would be full of laughter and fun, and being able to live life spontaneously also. I also would love the fulfilment of enabling other people to have this lifestyle of choice by mentoring them in my laptop based business. Then we could meet up at different destinations around the world for group meetings and mentoring days weekends. I would be free to give my family and friends anything they should so desire. I am full of love, appreciation and gratitude with peace of mind.

Phone: 07708953086
Skype: samhoughton4517
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