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Author: pamelachurch
Title: Pamela Church
Description: This being the first time I have done a vision board, I have to say it was lots of fun making it 3D. I could feel taking ownership in each picture and word that I put on my board. Thanks Darren and Ari for having your team do this as I am optimistic about leading my personal team with such valuable experiences as this! For the first time in my life since in my 20’s, I have had to be on a budget.

My husband was laid-off about 2 years ago, and we used network marketing as a stepping stone to thinking bigger about our future. My husband and I found the courage to not look back to a salary and live ‘Life Part 2’ much differently.

My driving force is to get back to financial freedom after going backwards significantly! After months of searching for the RIGHT opportunity while working from home I am confident to believe in my dreams again getting to a 6-figure income from home this year and helping at least 50 others get there too!

My ‘why’ is to take control of my time better, work smarter and play harder instead of just working hard to save up for retirement. We already live in our dream house, own horses which I love, and feel very blessed. Things can seem to get very expensive when the savings starts diminishing, and I had considered selling our farm. Good news is that I can truly relate to having to ‘Go Get The Money’ and know it’s just a decision to have your ‘why.' The reason I am choosing to work this business is to help others experience the same freedom of having more choices and without worrying about gas prices. At the same time getting my bank account back on track after investing many $1,000’s to figure things out is top priority.

It has been difficult not being able to give back as much lately, see my husband do his best and not get paid what he has worked so hard to achieve later in life. Now that I am working, I am having fun coming along-side of my him with work that makes a difference for us AND others.

Another part of my ‘why' is to be a good example for my son whom I’m homeschooling and am encouraging in entrepreneurship. He is a part of my why to earn money as well and I am planning a trip for his Senior year where he can travel the world for an education and figure out what he wants to do for work.

I look forward to being an investor in whatever he does. As you can see on my board my ‘why’ includes a lot outdoor adventure. I love horses which I already own, but have my eye on a breed that would cost me $20k along with a $4,000+ saddle. I had settled that I would never pay that much until now.

Another thing I am dreaming bigger about is how I use my time, so having a Chef for our family will be amazing! I am pretty content, but I find that when I dream bigger, I can also give back bigger! There are several areas where I will donate to help including sex trafficking, horse rescue, and many other areas where people are disadvantaged and children are involved. I love the idea of being able to give to others on an individual basis.

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