Cat Wrubell
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Author: CatKW
Title: Cat Wrubell
Description: My WHY is easy. People I love and care about are counting on me; they believe in me. I feel like l'm just scratching the surface of what and who I can be. I've been REFINED BY THE FIRE as they say, went through a rough divorce 5 years ago. I sat for way too many years at a desk job I hated, doing work that wasn't challenging or stimulating, feeling lost and unfulfilled.

3 years ago I followed my passion and became certified as a personal trainer. I taught boot camp classes, working for a wonderful woman who also became my friend. After 2 years of teaching at her boot camp part time in the early morning hours, then working an 8 hour day at my desk job, I decided it was TIME! What was I doing? Teaching made me happy and fulfilled, I loved it, and I was good at it! I quit my job, bought my own franchise location, and started to build my dream.

I'm 10 months as a business owner and while I still love what I do, the growth has been slow, and I'm not where I had hoped to be. Now I know I'm the reason for that. Even my words, HOPED TO BE sound weak and meaningless.

Meh... Now I know that I can also be the reason for my success and exponential growth! When I look back over the last few years, I can trace where I am now back to tiny decisions I made, risks I took, people I met, advice I followed. It really is a beautiful example of the universe loving me and taking me in its arms, guiding me to where I need to be. I'm in a loving relationship for 2 years now with a good man, and I know it's because I was ready for him and attracted what I deserved.

I have great kids, 2 girls, and a grandbaby girl too! I have love and abundance! In my business however, I feel like I'm failing. While I'll never regret quitting my dead end job and starting my own boot camp, I feel like I can do and be more. If I want to help others and leave behind a legacy, what the hell am I doing?! Guys, this board represents the life I want. To live it full on, not just in bits and pieces, here and there. No. ALL OF IT. ALL THE TIME.
I'm ready.
I'm open.
I'm vulnerable.
I'm coachable.
I'm stepping into my power.
I'm saving my own life.

Phone: 403.401.0611
Skype: cat.wrubell1
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