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Author: Myriam
Description: I know what is my purpose, the reason I do everything I do. But it took me quite some time to figure it out.... I wondered, what is the common factor in what made me happy in the past, in what I like doing now, and what I want for my future?

My best work experience was a job where I was given no instructions, no supervision. I was basically told: just do what you want, but bring us new contracts. A year later, I had set up a project from A to Z and fulfilled my mission. But a new director realised I had been left unsupervised and changed that. I quit one month later. I've always struggled to do the same job for more than a few months, until boredom and management would get the best of me.

When I imagine my future, there is no boss. I am the boss. I give myself goals and figure out a way to reach them. I am in control of my life, no one else. When I think about my future, I see a lot of travels, a lot of new places to visit, new people to meet, new culture to discover... I am free to go wherever I want, whenever I want. That's all I want: FREEDOM. When I think about my future, I don't only see myself getting free. I see an army of freedom seekers. I see a lot of people who like me would give anything to break their chains and get free. And because I've succeeded, I can lead the way and help others.

Myriam Otoide

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