Stefani Noland & Stefanie White
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Author: weroc
Title: Stefani Noland & Stefanie White
Description: My wife and I have tried numerous online/work at home businesses for quite awhile as a part-time business in hopes of making it full-time. We have not only invested in these companies but have put in many hours and not gotten anywhere. We had sponsors that were difficult to get a hold of, wouldn’t return calls, didn’t know it themselves or were no longer doing the business. We even tried calling their sponsors and they would only help us if they made money or if we would buy the next thing they were promoting.

It was then that we decided that we were going to do whatever it took to learn everything we could so we could mentor and train those that we brought into the business as we did not want to be like the sponsors we had. So as I continue my full-time job my wife Stefani Noland continues to run her own business and studies hard to learn what we can. Thru that process of contacting and learning she was eventually connected with Ari Maccabi.

When we were introduced to ExitusElite we hesitated only temporarily as financially we were not in a position to spend more but our biggest driving factors were #1 had a seven figure earner Ari Maccabi who was coupled with Darren Little in Blackops Underground Marketing who would be mentoring us thru an awesome program and someone we felt we could count on to help us when we needed it. The second was high ticket commission. So we took that leap of faith and commitment that this will be the answer we have been searching for.

Through ExitusElite I will eventually be able to fire my boss, we will have the freedom to spend more time with family and friends, be able to do some traveling, become debt and stress free and best of all make connections around the world to last a lifetime. The training we receive thru Blackops Underground Marketing with Darren Little and Ari Maccabi will definitely give us the vision we have been searching for and help us to attain and become the leaders we were meant to be.

Phone: 701-713-6767
Skype: Stefani Noland
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