Sean Canty
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Author: cantys
Title: Sean Canty
Description: What is my why? I think it is simple.

My why is my family. When I say that I imagine all the things I will improve when we are financially free. Some I will mention here. First in reality the house needs some improvements and a kitchen overhaul would thrill three daughters who love to bake. To have the financial freedom to go along with my current time freedom that would be nice.

To be able to pick up and take off for a weekend and not be concerned about the cost or being concerned about what we can or cannot afford to do. Life without limits is the goal. FREEDOM from the constraints of debt! All my debt is paid off and savings accounts are growing! That is just the beginning it is all falling into place. I want to attain financial freedom to the point that 4 kids in college is easy! Dream weddings are easy! New car purchases are easy. Lessons for horse riding, art, gymnastics and whatever else comes along is easy and affordable. Purchasing of high quality organic foods… and last minute trips out to eat are easy and stress free.

As I work towards these goals I do so knowing that my children see me doing it and they are learning that all things are possible. I can’t quit until I win! I have eyes in me. To add to that I have a long term vision.

Once all of my family’s expenses are covered and there is financial freedom and that savings grows I would like to be able to give back. For me I imagine a holistic alternative healing center that is available especially for alternative treatments of cancer. Then alongside that in the holistic fashion a place that is established in order to help those who suffer from PTSD to include veterans, EMS, firefighters, police, medical workers and anyone who suffers PTSD. To make a difference in this area for me is significant. Imagine, dream, create and never ever give up.

Sean Canty

Email: cantys1999@gmailcom
Phone: 774-230-6760
Skype: medicneo2331
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