Arun Obulisamy
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Author: arunobulisamy
Title: Arun Obulisamy
Description: Project Freedom : The first and foremost reason i ventured into online marketing & home based business ... Me and my wife decided to move to ashram (in a couple of years from now ) to tread the spiritual path and get involved in full time volunteering serving others. Although I am leading a pretty successful life as Project Lead in a MNC with great career, opportunities to travel & live in different countries, there was & is a void that 'what I am doing currently is not ALL IT IS'... there should be something else (beyond making good money & successful relationships) That nagging lead me to my decision to move to ashram; which also means me quitting my corporate job... But i got to make sure i take care of my loved ones for which money is an integral part! so i was looking for a way which offers - flexibility to belive wherever i want & advantage of leveraging time... i.e. way to make a full time income even after we move to the ashram; research led me to online marketing & home based business...

Reason 1 - I make a full time income from the ashram & from anywhere (even whilst i travel)

Reason 2 - I can take care of my loved ones & assist others in need, financially

Reason 3 - Flexibility, Freedom,

Reason 4 - Sense of completeness that comes when doing things (full time volunteering) which goes beyond doing things which benefit only 'Me & My Family'... Laptop life style gives me that advantage of making a good income just with a laptop & internet connection!, in other words, utmost flexibility to do what i want, to live life, doing things which are closest to my heart... Also before moving to ashram, we wanted to explore new countries, cultures & so we got things almost ready to travel to Melbourne in a few months... Laptop life style in Melbourne for the next couple years, travelling to different countries, part time volunteering serving others before moving full time to the ashram.... The nagging within me is so powerful that there is no turning my back from making it hugely successful with my online businesses which allows me to do things which is directed towards the utmost well-being of humanity as a whole...

Phone: +918056442885
Skype: arun.obulisamy
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