Anne Rose Why are so many people failing in network marketing?
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Author: AnneRose
Title: Anne Rose Why are so many people failing in network marketing?
Description: Why is it so many people are failing when they join a network marketing company? There are those who are very successful but there are so many people who struggle to find success. I too failed a few and I hope in sharing my story It will be helpful to you. My name is Anne Rose and I live in Australia and enjoy the freedom to be able to stay and work from home. In 2012 My husband got Cancer our lives turned upside down we had to quit our jobs so I could look after him, we were blessed as he had income protection but that ran out after a few years and I had to go back to work …unfortunately I could never make as much as he did so he decided that I was to stay home look after our farm while he went back to work. I felt really guilty so…... I decided to work from home but after trying a few things and failing badly I knew FEAR was holding me back. Fear of what rejection? Succeeding? Failing? Making Money? All of the above and more. WELL I JOINED Black Ops Underground and things are changing (I drew a line in the sand like Darren said and said Fuck It!!) You can see it in my vision board and said you know what I am going to have Abundance, Success, Travel be a Great Leader. I am No longer a victim I am a Leader. I would like to thank Ari & Darren my Millionaire Mentors.
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